Ceres Comp. 11-21-09

Hey Vex Competitors, i just wanted to start a forum about who is coming to the Ceres competition on the 21st.

Well teams 9378 A,B,G,D are going to be there.

I’ve emailed the tournament manager about getting some 254 teams in, because the registration appears closed…but with luck, we’ll see you there.

Teams 1000B, C, and D will be there.

We’ve gotten word that there might be two spots left…so if there are, we’ll send 254C and E. A will sit this one out…but we’ll spend the entire day working on the robot, prepping it for Pan Pacific.

Congradulations to teams 254C, 1129A and 1000C on winning the tournament. Playoffs was a blast :slight_smile:

We’d like to thank our alliance partners, 438B and 1031, for putting their faith in our 2-day-old 254Z robot. We had a great run until finals (and still gave Alliance #2 a tough time in three games).

We’d like to thank OUR alliance partners 1031 and 254Z for propping up OUR 2-day-old robot! We are not ashamed to admit that you guys had the better bots, and they performed admirably.