Certain motor getting very hot

I have a certain motor that keeps getting according to the brain “over level 5 temp” in less than 30 secs. That same motor also stops like maybe 0.5-1 secs after I release the button. Could somebody help? Its an arm on 2 motors. The other motor isn’t getting hot.

Try replacing the motor and see if the issue persists

Have your tried changing the port?

temp issue is fixed but the problem with it still moving even after letting go of the button still persists


a small mistake in the code


what was the mistake?
curious so i dont make that as i attempt to learn to program

So I had it set so if I wasn’t pressing the button it would stop. I also had 2 motors that were used for the program with similar names. Those motors were named LArm and RArm. The RArm motor was the motor having problems. So by accident I did instead of doing LArm.motor.stop(); and RArm.motor.stop(); I do LArm.motor.stop(); and LArm.motor.stop();. It was a mistake and just me being too lazy to notice.

Also the motor getting hot was because of an incorrectly clamped wire

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