Chain Bar Four Bar combo

My team had a design earlier in the year that had a chain bar on the top of a four bar. For some reason we never got it to work. DOes anyone have any suggestions on how to make one that works?

We had a design like this. We just mounted motors on the back, made certain the axles for the gears went through two points, and used a 1:5 ratio with two motors. then we just mounted a bar onto the end and mounted a two motor 1:5 chainbar on it. Pretty simple.

However, going to warn you that the two circular lifts are very hard to control, which is why we switched to a DR4B with a chainbar on top.

Maybe this could help? Seems like a really solid robot design

We had a chain bar mounted to another chain bar up until a week ago, if it is well built you should be able to make almost anything work at least somewhat. However like Brian said, we are switching to a linear motion lift now, with either a small chain bar or 4 bar on top to stack with.

Thanks to all this helps a lot.

What you could do is use a double reverse four bar on a chain bar. Here’s a good example from @antichamber (Found Here) It’s a kind of prototyp but it can be easily developed to become like this (This one is from @Aponthis btw): (Found Here. If those designs are too complex, you can use this one:

Seems cool. If it’s okay with you, can I see pics? :smile:

  • Akira

Looks like you didn’t paste in the link or something.