Chain Bar Gearing

We are working on CAD for a chainbar and we were wondering what gear ratios others used on their chainbars. Torque or speed? also whether you used HS motors or normal ones. Thanks in Advance,

Generally, some good ratios used are 1:7 with 2 motors torque/HS (this can vary depending on how well you can optimize it.) 1:5 with 4 motors (again can be HS or torque, really depends, 2 motors can also be used.)

On ours, we used torque (normal) motors, geared 1:5. Most people wouldn’t need this much torque, but ours was pretty heavy. 3:5 external should do it

If you mean an alba type chainbar that brings the cone from the back to front of the robot, we liked 1:3 turbo on 2 motors. For a chain bar on top of a lift like a dr4b or scissor lift, torque direct is totally fine, you could probably even gear it up.

Assuming it’s rubber banded well then yes

We use 1:7 torque at the shoulder and 1:5 speed for the elbow, both only 1 motor with RB assist, on our kinda weird 2dof chainbar arm.

1-5 turbo with 2 motors band assitance

would a 1:3 torque with normal motors work well?

My friend was able to get high speeds on a 1-3 to work

Not really, our initial prototype worked with no rubber bands. We later added rubber bands but they were by no means necessary.

Maybe yours was a shorter chain bar then. Mine was so long it was separated in the middle, for the beginning of the match, then it would lock in place. Also the claw was pretty last-minute (meaning it was also pretty heavy), so we really needed the rubber bands for ours. If we didn’t use them, the high strength gears would slip when stopping the chain bar suddenly.

If you want to be FAST, then you could do a 1:1 25 hole chainbar

We use a chainbar with a 35 long channel with 2 speed motors at 1:5. Attached to that is 25 hole long chainbar geared 1:5 with 1 speed motor, both are pretty fast, especially the first stage which has rubber bands.