Chain Bar Help?

Our chain bar on our robot is doing great, but there’s one problem: the shafts holding the sprockets at the ends are loosening and becoming crooked. The shaft collars are moving, possible due to the chain being too tight, but we can’t find a solution to this. Help would be appreciated, as our state competition is in a few days.

(I can’t supply any pictures, sorry :/)

We had problems with this too. We simply just had to replace the shafts until they stopped coming loose. If the collars are loose and they should be tight, then they may be stripped. Assuming this is the case, it would be best to replace these collars with new ones so you don’t have problems in the future.

@whatwhat1 Thanks! We just got some new shaft collars and I’ll try to find some newer looking shafts as well.

I replaced mine with HS axles and that fixed all our problems.

@SkinnyPanda Robotics We don’t have any HS axles, but thanks anyway!

If you don’t have any HS axles you can put 4 normal axles through a H.S. gear to do the same thing.

@JuiceBox Oh, that makes sense. My only question is how would that help with the end of the chain bar? We’re using sprockets

can you post a pic? it’ll realllllly help us help you.