Chain bar lift explanation

Can someone explain to me how in this image:

the gear behind the main c channel is bolted and doesn’t damage the axle

Isn’t the main C channel the channel that is bolted into the gear?

If it is then why would it damage the axle. The C-Channel has holes larger than the axle.

I mean the base one that would connect to the drive train

The sprocket is screwed to the c channel and the 60t gear has green free spinning inserts.


sorry just another question about this so how do they power the 60t gear if not by a motor spinning a axle, because in our design we want to take up as little space as possible and having a gear spin the 60 t would take a bit more space than we would like

They didn’t show it, but there would be either a 12t or 36t gear driving the 60t. What you described in not having another gear would mean that you have a 1:1 gear ratio, which will simply not work. You need another gear to do a ratio reduction.


Here is a video of me explaining it like 7 years ago.