Chain bar lift

Has anyone built a chain bar lift in IQ? We are trying but cat get it to work right. * I guess it really should be called a chain bar linkage.

Can you post a picture of what you have so far?

The one with the blue gear is the top of the arm, the other is the bottom of the arm. We want it to hold the claw parallel to the floor when we move the arm up and down. It doesn’t right now. The claw doesn’t rotate to stay parallel when we go up.

The sprocket at the top needs to be fixed so it can’t rotate. In IQ, this has to be done slightly differently to in VRC since in IQ, you are not permitted to drill the square drive out of the sprocket. I’ll post a pic shortly.

OK, the video below shows the basic concept. The light red sprocket is at the tower end and is fixed to the tower. The shaft that has the gear annd the arm stops before it goes through this fixed gear since this would stop the shaft from rotating.
The maroon coloured gear at the other end of the arn is free to rotate but at this end, the white part (e.g. claw etc) is fixed to the shaft using a shaft locker. Thus when the arm moves, the maroon sprocket maintains its position relative to the light red sprocket.

Hope this helps!

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That’s it! We have the axle going thru the top sprocket! Thanks for your help!