Chain Bar programming

For those of you using chainbar lifts without elevators, do you have some sort of counter that readjusts how far down the arm goes or does it just slam all the way down each time?

We just use manual control (working on auto stacking but not done yet), so the driver just sees when it’s about to hit bottom and slows it down a little

If you saw ALBA’s reveal (If you haven’t yet, the question is why), they used rubber bands to add some neutrality to the CB. I saw a team use those rubber standoff things ziptied to the bar that the CB rests on to absorb the impact, and that seemed like a good idea.

Yeah, you really want some rubber bands to pull it to the middle if you have a fast chainbar. Makes a huge difference

Would you happen to know what the extra 5x1x15 c channel is for? Is it to keep cones from getting stuck under the claw?

I’m pretty sure that piece is so that you can just drive into cones and it’ll automatically position it in a spot to pick it up correctly with the claw.

My chainbar is a 1:3 external with 4 torque motors and it’s super fast and pretty controllable when you get the feel for it. I don’t need bands but if you’re only using 2 motors, I can see how that would really help.
Or even if you’re using speed motors that neutrality would be necessary.

1:3 internal with 2 motors. My team uses limit switches at the “up” position to stack internally, and one for the “down” position to grab cones. Working on auto stacking, but I was going to have a second controller count the number of cones, and go to the specific height using a potentiometer on our lift and have the limit switches track the chain bar. We also have a button for “manual” and “automatic” stacking on the second controller in case either would be more useful at a specific moment such as the permanent goal.