Chain Bar Question

I been thinking of doing a chain bar on the the end of a RD4B which I’m currently building. I watched few videos and saw it’s pretty popular. So many videos show that the chain bar either goes up 90 degrees or downward so they can score it on their mobile goal. How do they do it, do make like a physical stopper or is something to do with coding. That the best I can describe it, maybe make a picture tomorrow.Searched it on google can’t find anything so thanks in advance and happy holidays.

The answer is yes.

Now for the explanation… Some teams have a mechanical stop point, others might have a purely software approach. Others still could be using a combination. We are all software control right now, but we are still building our new robot.

I have a physical stop on mine, but really either way is the way to go.

Well thanks, for the physical stop point would you just use a piece of metal? For programming how would you do it?

Yes the simple method is just making a physical stop with metal or a standoff but sometimes you dont have a ability to do that, the software control is most likely a PID loop (lots of threads about those) that keeps it at a set value and corrects any movement that happens. I think software control opens up more possibilities but a physical stop is the easiest way to get the job done.

PID is way harder then making a stop. Blasting at 127 until hitting a stop is also faster then PID and no stop. The thing is though you might still want pid to have the chain bar be in perfect position with the cone on the loader.