Chain bar, Yes or No?

Hi I’m from 2831Y and we had a simple claw bot for a skills tournament that didn’t do so well. But due to a long gap between competitions, we want to make a chain bar lift is there any real cons to this design? Thanks in advance!

not really
it will allow you to maintain a linear intake
a downfall is it is not as strong as a 4 bar persay but i would recommend doing one length of chain on each side so if one gets hooked in competition then you will still be able to operate your lift

Totally good design, but sometimes might get stuck or fall apart with all the chain everywhere. I would recommend it to a beginner (a assume) team, as it’s way better than a clawbot, but easier to make than a scissor lift or reverse double 4-bar.

Chain bar is pretty liable based on previous experience (We qualified for state with one). It is simplistic and efficient. BUt we are now using a Dr4B that is more convenient in the sense that it can stack higher and is more appealing to alliance selections.

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You didn’t use a claw bot at the skills comp lol.

You know you guys are using a chain bar right? The lift you have currently implemented on your robot is a chain bar, If you didn’t know lol. Anyways, there are no cons other than stack speed and height.

Completely agree, other than stack speed, chain bars can be fast, their distance of travel is small. But max stack height would be maybe 6 cones.


sry master


How did you go from semifinals in states last year to a basic clawbot this year. (Previous driver of your team last year)

Maybe all the good people graduated or left

I don’t know who you are thinking of. This is the new team Y of this year with a totally new roster. The team mainly consists of uninformed 8th graders this year. Team Y last year was a much better team.

Also, they did not use a claw bot. The user who made this thread is uninformed on linkages and lifts. I’m not sure what’s going on in his head, but he has to realize that his team has currently implemented a chain bar and has never used a claw bot this season.

Is that you Varun? xD

  • Ayush

I know a few people on their team (mostly Koundi), and no, this is not Varun.

rip. xD

Koundi and Vihaan are the reason they even have a robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, I’m sure koundi has done a majority of the building since he learned from me… Also, how’s his driving xD


Ayush P? Is that you?

Mhm. Tbh, Vihaan also works.

Are you Ayush P.

Yay, you guessed it!

I wouldn’t lie on the forums. It ruins your reputation. It should be more like this: 2831Y team spy/fake.