Chain Bar

Hi. Our DR4B’s chain bar is not functioning correctly. The goliath intake does not go aligned with the floor and the chain bar won’t lift backwards. I don’t think it is a programming problem and is probably due to the motor’s torque insufficiency or some other engineering problem. Can you suggest what the problem is? Or how to fix it?

Link to video on Drive

PS. Sorry for the poor quality video…


Can you post some up close pictures? There appear to be several major problems with this lift and it is hard to diagnose all of them with the 6 second video.

Are the motors that power the lift on the intake end??? Pics please because @Easton is correct and idk where to begin.

Yes. But I just came back home so I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Sorry.

After a closer look, it’s simply your overall construction that’s causing the issue. I recommend moving the lift motors to the towers, then making sure the system is as frictionless as possible and that nothing sticks out too far, etc.

You just need to add another screw that connects the intake to the 84 tooth gear at the end of the bar.