Chain... Chain on everything

So something that I’ve noticed is that almost all major design groups rely on chain intakes, the thing is there’s no good way to keep this chain redundant. For example, last year you could run chain links at two points on an axil for redundancy in case one were to break during a match.

With the release of actual tower takeover matches through streams or highlight videos, I see that people are having their chain intake break during a match, rendering their robot completely useless for the rest of the match.

With that noted, I’d like to see if the community knows of any good ways to keep chain together or of any situations you could keep yourself out of which will keep your chain from breaking.

Another thing to note is that VEXPRO uses chain that quite literally locks rather than the flimsy snap chain that we use in VRC I wonder if there’s a way this could be adapted into VRC, doubtfull but I’d like to hear everyone’s opionions and insight on the topic.

on mechanisms that don’t have to be very compact you can add an extra chain and sprocket.

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Maybe special guards can protect the chain.

I’d just like to clarify I was talking about INTAKE chain.


Edit: It’s officially called ‘Chain Attachment Links’

Maybe put some polycarb around it. It can still intake but the polycarb will protect the outside part. Really any light, durable, and plate-like object can protect the chain.

You can’t exactly put polycarb around your intake.

My intention of this thread was to discuss ways, if any, to keep chain linked together without the use of a barrier. A crude example could be simply using a zip tie on each chain link.

Okay I see now. Thx for the clarification. I saw lots of teams in TP just cover their chain as protection so I just jumped on that

PS I think adding zip ties would interfere with chain the chain and sprocket meshing.

You could build a casing around the chain, but I see no way of making the chain itself more resistant to falling apart

You could double up your chain on the intake, and stagger your flaps, but tbh if one chain breaks chances are the other will too.

what would happen if you put loctite on chain? I know loctite likes to devour plastics, but could you find a type of locktite that doesn’t?


Call me stupid, but could you interlock nylon rope with the chain? It would still keep the system semi-working but not sure it would follow the G1 safely policy

idk man. Personally, I don’t think it would work. I had this idea before but never saw it irl. It would be nice to see what would happen if somebody did do this tho.

Maybe have a tensioner and keep the chain with extra slack. Sorta like a tank.

Loctite for anything other than screws and nuts is illegal.


Box in your intake, like a protection zone on the outsides, you don’t need the outside of your intake to grab cubes and that will reduce the risk of your chain getting caught on something during a match or during the deploy. The front of the intake should be fine as the sprocket is right there.

ah yes forgot about that rule.