Chain Drive help

So recently on our robot we are trying to make our arm go backwards, but it does go backward and doesn’t go back. We have tried to put a chain drive on one arm but it still does not go back to it’s OG spot. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please tell me. Thank You!

Sounds like a mechanical problem, sending pictures will help us to help you

Chain drive.jpg

The chain drive right there is the only one we have attached. When we move it back it gets stuck and won’t go foward again.

If anyone has suggestions don’t hesitate to respond, all ideas are great ideas :slight_smile:

Make sure the bars aren’t hitting anything when it moves.

Nothing is hitting it. Do you think another chain drive would help?

Oh, well yes. You should never use just one, but that will not solve your issue. Try to take apart the motor and see that all the internal gears are ok.

Will do, Thank you so much

Please don’t cantilever your wheel. I beg of you.

I’m sorry for not knowing a lot but what is that?

when your axle bends.

You need to have a c channel on the other side of the axle to stop it from bending.

Oh we have fixed that don’t worry but thank you for the advice!

My god I don’t know why teams don’t do that!

I have a competition on Saturday in bakersfield. That is why I needed this

Any of you going to that competition in Kern country fairgrounds In bakersfield CA?


Anybody else going?

Not throwing it under the bus or anything. It’s a decent starting robot.