Chain drive or four wheel drive

Is a chain drive good or a four wheel drive good for this years game?

Why not both?

It almost completely depends on the type of bot you plan to build for this year and if you plan to be aggressive and such.

For stacking bots I would do a four wheel drive w/ chain, which will let your chassis be thinner than if you had six wheels. For tower focused bots I would prefer the six wheel drive because the trade off of width for resisting pushing is one which is acceptable for tower bots.

What do you mean by chain drive? Do you mean like tank treads?

Like a two wheel drive with chains going to the front two wheels.

Wouldn’t that be a four wheel drive.

I now that car call it four wheel drive when all four wheels are powered, but if there is chain then all four wheels are powered…

Basically I’m asking is it better to have a motor for all of the wheels or two wheels with motors and a chain going to the other wheels that do not have motors to make them move.

Probably having the motors in the back and chain going forward to power the front wheels since you most likely will need room in the from for your cube handling mechanism.

Okay. That is what we have on our robot right now. I just wanted some feedback.

For moving around the field a chained chassis with only 2 motors should be fine.

If you want to sacrifice intake/stacking power for drivetrain power is up to you though.

I think @Gerty3 means weather all the drive motors should be in the back (2 or 4) or directly on each wheel.

keep in mind 4 wheel 4 motor drive can be obtained by using chains

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Another consideration is weight distribution. Having all drive motors in the back could help offset additional weight at the front from manipulatin cubes, depending on how you plan to do that. In terms of how many motors on the drive, unless you have a good reason to do otherwise I’d recommend sticking to 4. You may have a hard time getting enough power out of 2, and you’ll definitely find that power useful if you ever get in a pushing match.


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