Chain Elevator Hang for Starstruck

Would a chain elevator lift like this one (but with a hook instead of a claw) be able to pull off a High Hang for a robot that is made up of aluminum parts?

I’m not sure that the chain would be able to take the stress even if you geared it for enough torque.
If I used this design, I would use a pulley system with chord instead.

Here’s another option for a linear hanging mechanism.

Thats actually really cool, I like the hanging mechanism.

One question: Wouldn’t the weight of the robot result into leaning towards one side when the grabber is being hanged

Doesn’t HS chain hold 50 lbs?

That type of lift could definitely work for a high hang. Remember though that the hanging bar is in the corner so you are going to be about 7 inches from the bar even when against the wall. Check out this video.

Elevators themselves can be heavy, but could work well if built right.
The HS chain is rated at 50 pounds.

our team is working very hard to build this type of lift. It all just depends on how fast you want your lift and how much your bot weighs.

Follow-up questions: How many motors would I need to lift the robot off the ground? Just a ballpark estimate, but my team’s robot could weigh 10-15 pounds. How could I use rubber bands on a chain elevator to help assist the motors?

Lift aid is always difficult on elevators and isn’t often used. You often don’t need it though, even for a lift.

We found that this was true and elastics didn’t actually help that much. To do it just put rubber bands from the bottom of the higher stage to the bottom of the lower stage.

We wish it did. It holds more like 15-20 before links explode and shoot people. We tried an elevator for elevation in NBN and an elevator for Skyrise, but the chain would snap if even the tiniest spacer was misplaced. I’ve only seen a couple successful elevators, and such I would try RD4B since it is easier to make and won’t cause that much pain if braced right.