chain elevators

we have a chain bar and want a elevator. we are open to ideas

Ideas for what?

a chain elevator for our chain bar

Well then I guess put an elevator on your robot. What ideas do you want? You already know what you want to do with your robot. So do it.

Look at 929U’s bot in this video. It is the best elevator I have seen this year.

yeah @Avery_8675A ive seen the vid b4 i just don’t know how to build it

This might give you some more inspiration:

I making one similar. I just got it built last night so I still need to program it I might upload a picture when I’m done

Legit just have 2 loops of chain and screw a 5-by to both sides of the loop. Insta elevator

Honestly the most easiest way to make an elevator.

Honestly I tried it like that but it didn’t work out so I would recommend a geared elevator

Y not pneumatic?