Chain in CAD?

I am not sure how to create chain on rollers on Inventor 2021. Can someone explain how I can do this?

These two videos should help you:

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Hey, I do cad with inventor 2020 and I was wondering how you could make the chain rotate with the sprocket as it would in real life

This is much harder to accomplish than static chain, and I don’t know about inventor but assuming it’s quite similar to fusion, this sort of animation is better suited for a full on animation program like maya or blender. Inventor and fusion are mainly designed for modeling and assembly. Is it possible? Maybe. Not in any basic capacity.

It isn’t necessary to directly link the chain to the sprocket to accomplish linked motion between two sprockets. You can just do a motion link between the two rotation joints in order to see a response between both of the components when you move one of them.

For all intents and purposes, moving chain is practically useless in CAD other than the fact that it looks cool. Unless you want to simulate the kinetic/static friction between the chain and sprocket or something like that (seems pretty overkill to me though).

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Well there’s the purpose of animation. CAD can be a creative tool, not just an iterative design tool.

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