Chain keeps popping

First we are so new all of you will laugh if you see us in competition, but we are trying. One big problem we have now is that the chain on our lift (using linear motion sliders) keeps popping off. Any helpful suggestions?

How tight is your chain? If it’s so tight you can barely connect it, that’s why. Also if it’s supporting any big weight or has a lot of tension on it from a load then that’s probably the source of the problem.

If it is too loose you could add a tensionizer.

Make sure your sprockets are perfectly aligned. If they aren’t you are asking for a chain to pop off.

No one seems to have asked this yet: Are you using high-strength sprockets and chains or sprockets and chains that aren’t “high strength”? If you’re not using high-strength ones, start doing so ASAP. If you are using high-strength ones, then read the above comments.

Try removing all the chain and squeezing together all the little horns, when they separate slowly, your chain becomes weaker.

I would recommend checking every link for a hairline crack in the holes that connect it. at the competition last Saturday my chain came off and it was because one of the links had a crack that allowed it to separate.