chain lift or 6 bar???

what one would you guys prefer?

When built perfectly (i.e. 1103), I’d much prefer a chain lift over a 6bar. Vertical motion is much easier to deal with than radial. (especially during programming)

However it is much easier to build a 6bar linkage… :slight_smile:

Ease of building or space constraints are really the only things that would make me chose a 6bar.

by chain lift i ment a “2 bar”

For this game in particular, 6 bar lifts seem more advantageous for their horizontal reach while linear lifts, unless made with a flip out scoring mechanism attached, are constrained to have to mount fully on a goal to score instead of being able to score with objects or even robots between the robot and the goal.

by a chain lift i was talking about a “2 bar”

Whoops, I was going off what RoboDesigners said. Sorry! In this case, I would prefer 6 bar for stability, as it would be harder to make a chain lift as stable as a 6 bar. Additionally, a 6 bar gives greater maximum vertical and horizontal reach, however the amount of reach a robot needs varies.

ha thats a better answer;) but wouldent a “2 bar” have less friction?

The friction would probably be negligible if both are well made, more importantly the 2 bar is far lighter than a full 6 bar. I still think that the specific design changes that must be made to accommodate a 2 bar are too much of a hassle. Specifically the fact that the tower needs to be farther forward due to the decreased vertical/horizontal reach of the 2 bar. Since the 2 bar needs to be almost vertical to reach 30", the tower needs to be put closer to the middle of the robot instead of at the back so that the robot doesn’t have tipping issues.

tht pretty much sold me to a 6 bar;)

I would suggest you guys use a 6 bar. My team has the 6 bar and it is really easy to use. The only problem with it is back driving but you can get rid of it by putting rubber bands on it.

are you guys changing the vertical slide lift?

There’s no chain on a 6 bar to snap :wink: