chain lift

how would i go about making one? I want it similar to 720p

Is it something like 8701’s? If so, I have built one and could help you out.

This might be helpful.


We have made a tutorial on how to make a chain lift, which we used on one of our world cup robots.

our robot-
May not be exactlly like his, but its the basic chain lift. Enjoy!

Oops, I was super late…

Yes that is the exact tutorial I referred to to build mine.

Lol I posted one as well… hahahaha We all think the same

yes! i would love it

Yeah… I was writing an essay, had everything in the post, just forgot to post it! >.<

Please just remember that direct copies are not in the spirit of vex, and that if you can, you should aim to discover how the mechanism works yourself. That way you end up with a good robot AND you learn. If possible, you should aim to use a different mechanism to other teams, or maybe just a different structure of the same mechanism, even if you are trying to achieve the same thing. Building something yourself and having it work is much more satisfying than copying another team bolt for bolt :).

(not saying you are, just putting it out there)

I made a chain-linkage sort of lift for one of my robot iterations earlier in the season. The only reason I chose a 6-bar over the chain-linkage was the stability advantage that the 6-bar has.

How do people get their chain-linkage lifts so stable? Sensors on each side or metal bracing?