Chain Links on Autodesk Inventor

Hi VEX Community,

My team is working on Autodesk Inventor and to make a simulation of our intake, we are going to need to put chain links together and around sprockets. We have figured out how to link the chains, but how can we put them around sprockets?

I would suggest watching this video.
If you need them to move and be simulated properly, here’s a tutorial about that (not specifically for vex).

For the most part you mate the inside of valley of sprocket to circular edge of chain. This will not make the chain move with the sprocket correctly though. For the most part I avoid actually cadding chain because it can cause noticeable lag.

Just so you know, the most annoying thing in Autodesk is chain linking, I had to do this the other day and it took me quite some time, so don’t got frustrated, it happens to everyone :slight_smile: .

It took me forever to figure it out the first time, especially the realistic simulation.