Chain Pitch?

Hi everyone,

I have been working on a robot for the Science Olympiad Robot Ramble event. I’m using chains for some parts of the lift arm and a door on a box, but I keep breaking the chains. Due to size limits of the event, I do not have room to make a more efficient, complex chain system. I have decided to order metal roller chain from an industrial supply company, and would like to know the pitch (in inches) of the chain so I can still use the Vex sprockets with it, as the other company’s sprockets sell for $10 each.

Many thanks

Im not sure about the pitch of the chain, but your probably gonna break the Vex sprockets.

I haven’t read the definition of “Chain pitch” recently; but I’ll bet that it is the same as the pitch of the sprockets and that by counting the teeth on a sprocket or two; and by knowing the diameter of those sprockets, you can compute the pitch value you need.

What to you think?


Thanks for the idea.

I calculated the pitch using the 48, 40, 24, and 15-tooth sprockets, and found the pitch to be about .154 inches, so between 1/6 and 1/7 inch

If I’m correct, Vex chain is made especially from Innovation FIRST and cannot be bought anywhere else. Again, I could be wrong but it seems to me that I’ve seen that before.

From VEXLABS Chain and Sprocket Kit Documentation.

2 preassembled chains of 163 links each, total of 48 in.

48" / (163 links * 2) =~ 0.1475"

That sounds a lot like 3.75mm pitch
Looks like this one would work.
But when you see the price, you will appreciate the inexpensive Vex chain…

to not break the chain u could use a different gear ratio so less stress is put on the chain.