Chain problems

we are having troubles dealing with the extra chain that comes off the end since we don’t have a continues chain. If the chain gets loose we have problems with the gear so it needs to stay taught. has any one ever dealt with this kind of problem.

I can’t tell what you’re trying to do, but if the chain is not continuous and simply ends somewhere, could you tie some latex tubing to it and keep tension on it that way? Rubber bands might work, too, perhaps.

I couldn’t tell from the photo how the chain is terminated.

so, what’s the goal of putting the chain like that?? otherwise, IDK

The distance the chain travels varies as the lift goes up and down; therefore, it is impossible to have a constant chain length, and the chain will inevitably become a lot looser as the lift goes up. The only advice I have is to add elastics, like FullMetalMentor said, or redo the design.

Please provide an image, I am fairly confident that you can make it a continuous chain. Thanks

We currently have the bottom of our chain re routed back up the lift and connected via elastic tubing to the second stage of the lift. Our current problem is getting to the max height of the lift as the chain had to remain taught and the vertical distance the lift travels does not directly correspond to the length of chain pulled by the motor, or in other words for every inch the lift goes up, the chain puts out .75in (we didn’t actually measure it). We tried using a continuous chain(it was still fixed at the top), but the chain needs to get longer when the lift starts lifting and shorter as it nears max height (the elastic currently is under little tension when the lift is at the bottom and zero tension when its at the top, but nears its breaking point when it is in the middle. We are trying to find a different way to run the chain up the lift so slack is continually taken up as the lift nears the top.

I stand in awe under the shadow of this chain thing.

What does it do?

I think I understand what you are doing with the chain and how it powers the lift. The issue is just that, as you said, it does not stay tight as the lift goes up, and also that the chain may break. If it works well I think it’s a great idea, but as it seems you are having problems you might want to consider some other ways of powering it.

Because you are probably the first person to build this sort of a system, there probably won’t be many people that can help you from experience.

Have you guys tried using string instead of chain? That seems to me to be more appropriate for what you’re trying to do.

nice lift doe.

Do I see that you are both chaining it and driving it from a bottom set of rail gears or are those only for support and stabilization?

I think string tied to a pulley would work better for what you are trying to do. The Winch and Pulley Kit should get the job done.