Chain Skipping on Intake

Our intake uses a few sets of chain which are skipping continuously. It can’t even do a full rotation with a motor, because it just stops at the sprocket. Even without a disk in the intake, it still skips. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop this? Our chain cannot be tightened more.

You’ll need to add some sort of chain tensioner to your design. This paper might be helpful in developing a method to tension your chain so it doesn’t slip teeth: Chain and sprocket systems.pdf - Google Drive


Are you using the smallest size sprockets? because those suck for pretty much every reason. I would use one size larger if possible.

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We’re using the second smallest ones on one of the sprockets, and the smallest ones on the other. I’ll look into the chain tensioners. However, currently one of the sprockets is on a normal shaft. Do you think a HS shaft would improve the issue?

no, probably not. The most likely culprit is the smallest sprocket. In industry, we don’t use sprockets under 22 teeth for anything but guides and tensioners. There is a great deal of internal binding that goes on with a chain wrapped around a tiny sprocket.


i would recommend checking out this video, specifically around the 1:13 mark.

6P chain also has a smaller profile while being stronger than HS (9P) chain. I have found that the 8T 6P sprockets are better than the 6T HS sprockets, running with less friction and able to handle more load without skipping.


Thanks everyone! We ended up fixing our problem by moving an axle up so that we could replace the 6T with a 12T gear. This ended up fixing the problem.

I didn’t give anyone the solution thing because all your posts were equally helpful.


We ran into a hiccup with the 6P chain during inspection this weekend. The inspector rightly identified the chain as Vex IQ and questioned the legality. The team was able to convince him that since the 6P gears are legal so is the chain even though the product page for the chain ( Chain & Sprocket Kit - VEX Robotics ) does not explicitly say that, nor does the product page for the VRC 6P gears ( 6P Sprockets - VEX Robotics ) since the 6P chain itself is not listed there. @DRow - is this an oversight that you are able to address by updating the 6P-sprocket page?


does the chain add on kit count? it’s listed under the 6P sprocket page, and has the tag that declares it as VRC legal.


That worries me, since my team’s drivetrain has the smallest size of sprocket on every wheel. oops…

Though it hasn’t broken before, somehow.


As @Benn alluded to above, there is no specific “6P Chain”. It’s simply the same chain used in VEX IQ.

As the VEX IQ SKU is listed on the 6P sprockets page, it is legal for use.