Chainbar or 4 bar lift

Which design is better for a mobile goal base. Thx for answering!

it really depends, a 4 bar is (generally) stronger, and holds the weight better because of the lack of chain, however a chain bar can go a full 360 deg and that could be beneficial to you as well, theres alot of factors that determine that

I agree with 9065_parker, that it depends. It matters which one you think is better and it also depends on your intake.

I agree both with 9065_parker and fruitarian. It also depends on how much room you have. Chainbars generally take up a little more space, in my experience, because of the chain.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. My students had a 4bar but are changing to a chain bar becuase the 4 bar was in the way. While it is true that the chain bar takes up more room, the location is very important.

Don’t forget about scissor lifts. I have seen some well implemented ones.

he is referring to the mobile goal lift, using a scissor is way to complicated and doesn’t achieve the goal of translational movement required.

I have seen robots with the mobile goal lift on the lower level of a scissor lift. I am not recommending it, but rather, just saying it is an option.