Chaining Big Red Encoders

Hi i just had a quick question for the tech savvy people. I know the IMEs are supposed to be chained together so they can fit in the ports but i was wondering if the big red encoders could be chained together. The purpose of this is mostly to preserve ports because with this years game it is quite complicated and sensor assistance will be highly treasured. Thanks in advance

No, each red quad encoder needs its own pair of digital ports.

Thanks. Thats what i thought. Looks like sensor allocation will be an important aspect of this years game. much more important than previous years, thats for sure

If you have some definite way of knowing which direction your encoders must be turning, is there a way to use only one port for an encoder and use code to keep track of its location?

i remember a post about this somewhere, its possible but afaik no programming software supports it, you would have to manually create a thread to count encoder ticks

ROBOTC and (as far as I remember) EasyC both support single wire encoders.

ConVEX does not currently, but it’s pretty trivial to add and I will sometime, not sure about PROS.

So might the only concern with using “single” wire encoders be when something (other than its associated motor) moves the encoder? If a motor is driving a shaft + encoder, you’ll know which direction the encoder is counting because of the direction in which the motor was commanded to run. But if a shaft is not being commanded to move and yet something causes it to move (for example, you get pushed by another robot), then you won’t know which way the encoder was forced to count.

The issue I heard people have with them once was if the encoder oscillated a little when it tried to stabilize/come to a stop and the encoder read the edge over and over making the code think the encoder was actually spinning quickly.

Not sure how much of an issue this would really be but just putting it out there.

I would probably only use a single wire encoder for measuring shooter wheel speed and things like that.