Chair in the driver station

hey so my driver is having problems seeing the blocks as the whole field is lifted and we were wondering if it was legal to bring a chair and stand on it while we drive?


EDIT: there is a rule against it. so no, it would not be allowed


There is actually, so this would not be allowed.

could point us to that rule? I haven’t seen that one before.
or does it just fall under the safety and common sense rules?

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would it be legal to stand on a step ladder or stool?

poses the same potential safety risks as the chain, but it also seems somewhat reasonable. probably depends on how much you need it. if you can easily see the field, but are uncomfortable due to the different perspective than normal, that’s something everyone has to deal with at raised field events. but if you actually cannot see above the field perimeter, this seems ok to me.

do you know if the fields at state are raised?

at my state competition right now, they are all raised

every year when this question comes up it reminds me of this.


Oh wierd. I did write the rule in my original post. , I can’t copy and paste on my phone from the app though.


Ahhh, its because I put it inside the greater than/less than symbols and the forum stripped it out.


interesting. thanks for that.

I don’t think it’s much of issue though. you’d have to be 3 feet tall to not be able to see over the top of field perimeter. raised fields are annoying to drive on, but we all have to deal with them sometimes.

Almost me.


I actually like raised fields. Might be because I’m 6’4’’. It gives me a better angle to look at the field at and I can see the goal zones easier.


Michigan high school state championship is not raised, but Michigan Middle School state championship will be raised raised 24 in for the competition fields only.

That’s just plain mean to MS kids - some are like 4’ nothing and HS are 7’ giants…


Conspiracy confirmed: Vex robotics discriminates against vertically challenged people.


I know. I’m personally like 5’ 9", and I have trouble with raised fields. I made it to States, so I’ll have to see how this turns out.

High School States is at Michigan State University, hosted by their U-team, while we are hosting Middle School States at Monroe County Community College in two weeks. There’s a party for the kids at Splash Universe on Friday night before the event.

We use field risers because it makes the event more like the world championship, but I think we have the only two field risers in Michigan:. We built them for our August competitions at the Monroe County Fair which is held outdoors on the grass. High school has for competition Fields, while Middle School has two.

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I have an issue with the raised fields this year. It is really hard for me to have a good angle to see the cubes. @lerker100 and I struggled driving at NATM is matches, but then drove perfectly normal on the practice fields that weren’t raised.


I prefer raised fields. They give you a better view of the robot.

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