Challenge Field

Hi Everyone. From taking apart and putting together our playing field so many times, our playing field is not level. We have a lot of low areas and higher areas. We have it on a hard floor to try to level it out. Has anyone else found this? Suggestion to fix it? Or should I purchase a new field for next year? Suggestions?

Hola rmanzer

Yo en competencias me encontre con esas dificultades del campo y aun poniendolos sobre superficies duras no logramos enderezarlo, teniendo en cuenta eso sería mejor comprar unos nuevo o al menos las piezas que consideras estan estropeadas.

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Hello rmanzer

I found myself in competitions with those difficulties of the field and even putting them on hard surfaces we could not straighten it, taking into account that it would be better to buy new ones or at least the pieces that you consider are damaged.

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you should be more careful with your field. we haven’t bought a new one and this hasn’t happened

don’t take the field apart and then put it back together every time you use it. you can do it a couple of times but not all the time. you should put cardboard under the places that aren’t leveled so it can be leveled, but if you continue to take the field apart you may have to buy a new one. so just make a spot designated for the field and leave it together. this will also give you more time to practice.

I have a 4 year old field that’s been assembled/disassembled more times than I can count. When you take it apart, snap, never twist. Store flat away from heat. I’d call Vex support and talk to them on how to fix your current issues