Okay, so we have this idea we would like to share with everyone, then maybe present it to the Game Design Committee for consideration.

What to do think about a separate arena set up at Worlds that you could sign up to challenge(call out) ANY team to a “1 vs 1” (grudge match) just for fun and bragging rights. These matches would be VERY, VERY exciting!

We have had a couple 1 vs 1 matches because both alliance partners were no shows and they were a total blast.

All the current match rules would apply, the Game Design Committee could even think about charging $1-$5 per challenge match, and all the proceeds could fund a VRC Grant for new start-up VEX teams to apply for. Maybe in the form of a VEX store credit, etc…

Please feel free to comment, and show your support for this awesome idea.
I’m sure there are several teams each of you wouldn’t mind going head to head with…I’m sure if we get a lot of support and interest, Karthik will give it some serious consideration.

Sign us up, we love 1v1 games!

Something along these lines happened last year, although it definitely wasn’t an organized official event.:stuck_out_tongue: (

I think this would be a lot of fun. While the 1v1 aspect is interesting, I’d hope that there would also be an option for 2v2, so we could see some of the really brutal alliances form that might not happen normally due to divisions splitting up teams and unexpected outcomes in rankings. A game like Skyrise seems like it would be a bit boring 1v1 as even the best teams will take a significant amount of time to build and fill the skyrise. The robot that fills the perimeter goals gets to have all the fun.:stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, we’d be up for it.:smiley:

I think it would be a fun idea, but I probably wouldn’t want to do many extra matches during the competition because something might go wrong, ruining the actual matches.

Perhaps a couple practice fields could be used for this at the end of the competition.

Not totally opposed to 2v2, but we see 2v2 matches all year long, and trying to coordinate 4 teams to a challenge match may take a lot of planning. Trying to watch 4 robots at one time in a high energy match is tough.

This definitely seems like an interesting concept, though I do think a few tweaks might be needed to the game for this type of competition to keep it exciting.

We did this at worlds last year for Vex U. We busted asked to use the field for a grudge match.

44 2625 21 and 64 did a practice match at worlds on the practice fields.

It seems like the dedicated field for grudge matches wouldn’t make sense for vex financially but if you just ask the teams they will probably say yes.

That is how our match got put together.

I also support this idea, i think it would be a friendly way from teams to compete against each other. Especially because chances are, in the current match setup, you will never compete against your friend teams and finally prove who is better :wink:

Exactly, and in that spirit/mindset many of us believe it would be a blast!

I think it’s a cool idea for sure. I do wonder though how many teams would actually partake. It’s so busy at world’s as is, let alone the added concern of more wear and tear on your robot.

We have never been at the top at world’s, so we would gladly play for fun…but I wonder if the teams at the very top would be hesitant…for the reasons listed above.

We managed to steal a practice field for a few minutes to try something like this last year but it was nearly impossible to keep it for more than one match. I really wanted to play against (and with) 44 but in our practice match they disconnected and we didn’t run auton so it wasn’t much of a match :frowning:

Here’s the video for anyone interested

I think it’s a fun idea but it may be too distracting and difficult for top teams to find time. I barely have time to eat at worlds with everything going on.

Maybe if a few local teams wanted to bring fields and host the matches VEX would give them a small space to set up?

…wait there was food?

Totally agree, very busy already.

This sounds like a good way to go about it.

Good feedback so far. It sounds like everyone who has commented would participate / enjoy a challenge/grudge match if it was offered and organized. I know trying to find an open “practice field” at a “certain time” would be hard to do, so that’s why I’m suggesting a dedicated field for these matches.

Keep the feedback and suggestions coming. If we can get Karthik and the committees blessing we can present them with an organized idea. I’m sure we could get a field, and do some organization if we needed to, but like Aaron said we would need a little area to set it up.

We know the powers-at-be monitor the forums, maybe… Karthik could comment.:smiley:

I think its a great idea. Our team would love to have run a grudge match at worlds of our State finals, it would be fun to do rematches like this to see how far your teams have progressed since the start of the season to the end, and see how tournaments could have ended up differently.

Forget trophies. Forget SP points. Last year’s Worlds should have been set up with food being the reward for winning a match. Hunger Games, eat your heart out.

I trust the people of Kentucky know how to feed people.

LOL ^^^^

So, until I tried to submit this post I have never understood why some people follow up short posts with “(10 char)”

Now I know…

Yes it seems to be an effective way of discouraging useless posts, however it is annoying on occasion.

And I can’t speak for the rest of my team, but I definitely like this idea. Time really is an issue though…maybe if it was organized to occur on the first day of worlds?

If anything for us the first day was the most hectic. Our robot was… temperamental… any time it was moved, and especially so after the trip to Worlds, so we spent the first day tweaking everything so it worked like it did on our field at school.

Sounds like fun, 2v2 would be interesting as well, you could get schools challenging each other as well as individual teams.