Challenge Ideas

On this post anyone can post ideas for new challenges. You can post any ideas that can be done.

** W A T E R **

But, really, I’d be interested in seeing 1v1v1v1 or something insane with a ton of simple scoring objects that have to be shot or launched in some way. Also, no driver loads. Field only. It’d be really fun to watch if they do something crazy like that.

30 second auton/ 1:30 driver.


I think it be cool if we got something like in first power up where the people at the alliance station can activate a bonus ability for strategic purposes. I think that would add a lot more coordination between the two teams on the alliance because I feel like a lot of teams just kinda split off to other sides of the field and do their own thing which works but it would be cool to have something that encourages a bit more teamwork amongst the two robotos.

I would like to see a game where the playing field is divided in half by a bar-type thing, and there are 40-60 puck-shaped game elements, that teams have to shoot under the bar into different colored alliance scoring zones, and pucks in harder to reach zones could be worth more points. and the ability to knock out pucks from the opposing alliance’s zones would be nice.

As much as I support teamwork, I feel that a game that requires a lot of teamwork simply because I believe that if a robot is very good, they should be able to win alone. I don’t think a team should loose because their alliance partner is bad and they were unable to score anything.

Yea and that’s the downside to it because it’s only fair that a robot should be able to win with a bad or nonexistent alliance partner. I just want some sort of element where teamwork is more important but it’s not game breaking and you could still win your match without a partner.

I think it would be cool if the field had different levels, so that teams had to think about torque in the wheels, and if they wanted to sacrifice speed for the inability to go up the ramp, or vice-versa.

Personally I would like to see a game that lasts about a 1:45 with 15 seconds of auton and 1:30 of driving. There would be 2 teams, one red and one blue. Two teams of two would have to attempt to gain the most points possible in order to win the match.

ooh thats really unique. and how about one played on a 12 foot by 12 foot field, covered in foam tiles?

I personally think a longer game period would be nice since the v5 batteries can support the motors for longer and possibly have a bigger field with more robots on the field to account for the longer match times, and have a back-and-forth game, kind of like Robosoccer

Yeah, why not have 30 sec auton and 2:30 driver control? That would be SOOOOO sweet

Well theoretically the v5 motors at 600 RPM can cross the field in less than 3 seconds

I agree except the game needs to not have more robots involved plus we need flywheels again.


That would add one minute per match. A typical local event with 75 matches that now finishes around 5:30pm would then last until 6:45. I’ll keep the current shorter matches, thank you.

^ yes please.

naaaaahhh that’s asking way too much man.