Arts division champs will win and become the world champions. Called it. Californians for some reason has the brightest minds in vex.

Or the most teams.

I may be very biased but I think that if 2915a had picked 1200f they would have won worlds easy.

Yeah, most teams. For some reason california always have the most teams in the the division champions, this year texas was tied with them, but you know, in general. Yup, 2915A with 1200f would have good chance of winning worlds.

I change my mind to science. Arts messed up their autonomous and it caused some problems…lynfield college is amazing…

I think technology is going to win. science is not playing well.

Yup, with a 1-0 lead, looks like technology will win.

You changed your mind 3 times :stuck_out_tongue:

No, science will win. Now I changed my mind 4 times, for some reason the alliance that doesn’t get the autonomous bonus loses, it is like it affects their morale, this is unpredictable and so suspensful…also…go QCC2 underdogs.

That was bad auto in the finals. 2915a was the best team. I would have allied with 7232 if I was them though.