Championship best robot(s)

so who do you think was the best…
-24" scorer
-18" scorer
-goal controler

Well…a good robot can do all three. I think that team 3 and 74 were amazing at that. I haven’t seen a picture of Mr. T. Does anyone have anything?

Or a picture of the winners?

Our team will be uploading a mass of photos by the week’s end to our website. Maybe some video later as well. Mr. T is a very fast stacker bot.

I liked Team 177 and 2 design, they were pretty good.

It would seem to me that the ramp bots did the best. The ones who filled up the 18in goals did the best.

I would say 18" ramp bots did the best job or ramp bots that did both 18" and 24" goals. :slight_smile:

We had the privilege of playing with and against both Mr. T and Overdrive (with their old robot). Mr. T didn’t seem as effective to me as Overdrive, but Overdrive was easier to stop (at least their old robot was). With Overdrive’s new robot, I would give the edge to them easily.

I dont think there was a best robot. All the good stacker robots 1)had a simple fast pickup 2)could hold on to the goal while scoring 3)had decent driving abilities.

It was a tad bit different for the ramp bots but the best in my opinion could 1)score lots of rings o the 18 inch post 2)score at least a couple of rings on the high goal 3)decent driving abilities.

As far as which is better out of the two dominant types, I think both were designed for different purposes. one to score on the 18 inch post the other to score on the 24 in post and they were the best at what the were designed at. A good ramp bot could not score on the high goal as well as a good stacker and a good stacker could not score as well on the 18 inch post as a good ramp bot.

The Psychotic Strawberryz (team 2’s) robot was very good. I’m not saying they have the best robot, but I think they are just as good as any other ramp bot. They could score high and low, had a good goal grabber, a very fast intake/lift, and a strong drive base. They were the only undefeated ramp bot in all of the qualifying rounds, and were ranked first in their division.

Though many of the robots in Atlanta were impressive, I personally liked team #2’s robot. I also think team #3 had a really good one this year. I will say though, I think #177’s robot was my favorite.

personally i liked simbotics the best, they usually filled a high goal in the first 20 seconds of the match. i got to look close at their bot and saw many small innovations that all added together to make the machine top notch. their only downfall was when they struggled to get goals out of the corners…

and forgetting to plug thier transmitter in :frowning:

We can fill a high goal in less then 20 sec or even sorter if we get the goal in auto mode. Just for note, if no one bumps us or goals near us during auto mode (which never happened in Atlanta :slight_smile: ) we can get 4 rings on high goal in auto which is crazy! I will have to upload a video of it.

I remember last year when I left the transmitters unplugged a few time.

Always check your transmitters. Double and even triple check every match, make sure your alliance does as well.

Team #6, the Driven Nuts, were pretty good. They could score tons on the high post plus grab a goal if necessary. Their only downfall seemed to be that their ring loader got jammed during the finals. (That’s what it looked like, anyway.)

Team #177, the Twisted Bots, were also an amazing rampbot that could easily fill up the low goals and still score on the high goals if necessary. They were really fun to play with and against.

(Keep in mind that driver talent is a large part of how good a robot is. There were probably tons of superb robots with drivers who didn’t know how to control their bot to its fullest potential.)

I think that simbotics had the right idea. However I think they could have improved their implementation. I would have gone with a goal grabber that did not use a claw, something similar to 39’s goal grabber. I also would have either added more motors to the arm or changed the gearing. Everything else seemed to work great.

For those who didn’t see this, it was much like #3, Mr. Roboto’s grabber.

There were quite a few bots with that kind of hook on them. Their biggest weakness was that they couldn’t grab the post if it was up against the wall and that the goal could be knocked out of them if you tried hard enough. (I think we did that to 721 a couple times.)

I can’t remember which team had the really awesome goal-grabber, though. I think we faced them during either quarterfinals or semifinals…

Thats why we made ours flip up.

Anyone have any pictures or better yet video of Simbotics?

We modeled our goal hook after theirs and we could get it when it was against the wall. Im pretty sure they could get the goal while it was against the wall

I found it interesting that so many teams relied on a goal grabber - we seemed to be the only robot with an extra-long arm (because we didn’t have the motors to spare for a goal-grabber:)).

I’ll post a picture of our robot when it arrives back from Atlanta…and before it gets demolished for our hastily-assembled Bridge Battle bot.