Championship of the Americas '09

Since we skipped this event ($$$ and time), I’d love some pictures, video, or plain old news tidbits. Is there a Webcast by any chance?

I know that there is in fact a webcast, I haven’t been able to find out where though.

In the index of there’s a link for the america’s webcast…but i couldn’t watch… i don’t know but, is there a problem with the webcast today?

I can’t watch it either. Windows Media Player keeps saying it is having trouble connecting to the server.

I am guessing that it doesn’t work because, today’s competition is already over.


I don’t even think there were actually any scheduled matches today, I think those all start tomorrow.

According to Jason Morrella: NASA will be webcasting the Championship of the Americas competition this Friday and Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska.

I think the link Technic-R-C found was for last year’s World Championship.

Those are from 2008, FYI.

The link on the front of should be active starting tomorrow.

Didn’t see that, my bad. Here is the good updated link to the webcast on the NASA website