Championship Updated FAQ April 3, Part C

Competition Rules and Regulations

Q: Where can I find information about the World Championship Programming Skills Challenge?
A: Please refer to the VEX Gateway Appendix H, which can be found here.

Q: Where can I find information about the mandatory VEX Robotics World Championship firmware update?
A: Please visit to read about the firmware update and to access the download.

Q: Are safety glasses required during the World Championship?
A: Here is our statement on eye protection at the VRC World Championship:
All volunteers, drivers and coaches must wear eye protection while in the competition field areas or around the practice fields. Teams demonstrating robots to Judges or guests must also wear eye protection. Eye protection in the pits will be left up to the discretion of individual team coaches, but we strongly recommend that eye protection be worn by anyone working on a robot, cutting materials, or in the vicinity of a working robot. When in doubt, get the glasses out and put them on.

Q: Is there a dress code for the 2012 World Championship?
A: Attendees should remember that they must wear closed toe shoes during the event. Otherwise, there are no dress code restrictions. Attendees are reminded to dress comfortably and to avoid loose hanging clothes if they are going to work with tools in the team pit area.

Q: Do middle schools have to compete in the middle school division(s) or can they choose to play in the high school competition?
A: Middle schools must compete in the middle school division during the 2012 VRC World Championship.

Q: How will the Excellence Award winner be decided this year?
A: Please refer to the VRC Gateway Awards appendix, located here (, for information about all of the awards to be offered during the 2012 VRC World Championship.

Q: Will there be AC power at the field for our VEX Joystick power supply?
A: During the World Championship, teams will be provided with VEXnet Joystick Power Adapters ( at the fields so drivers can plug in their Joysticks and ensure they have good power during a match.

Q: Where can teams find the scoring rubrics that the judges will use?
A: The award rubrics that will be used by the World Championship judges can be found here (hyperlinked: [ AppendixA-083011.pdf).

Q: Will the competition officials use anti-static spray on the fields this year? What is the spray that will be used?
A: Yes, it is normal practice to use an anti-static spray at a competition of this size. This spray or something similar may/will be used to spray the tiles during the VEX World Championship.

Q: What is the suggested format for the engineering notebook?
A: The Engineering Notebook requirement of the Design Award has no specified format; each notebook should be created through a concerted effort by a team to document their design decisions. Teams should start their notebooks early and update them often in order to fully display the team’s progress during the competition season to the judging team.

Q: What is the robot inspection Fast Pass?
A: Donate an experienced volunteer to help at inspections and your team will get a free pass to the robot inspection express line! Just get a volunteer to help out with inspections Wednesday afternoon (3- 7pm) and/or Thursday morning (8am-Noon). Volunteer here today! One inspection pass (one robot) per volunteer.
Merchandise Sales

Q: Will VEX Robotics have their on-location store where we can buy spare parts again this year?
A: There will be a VEX store at World Championship. Please note that there is no guarantee for how long the inventory will last. Please plan ahead and bring a good supply of spare parts with you.

Q: What other merchandise will be sold during the 2012 VRC World Championship?
A: As in past years, there will be a 2012 VRC World Championship shirt sold with the list of attending teams on the back. The t-shirt vendor will also have other customizable apparel available for sale.

Q: Can teams bring items to sell from their booths during World Championship?
A: No. Teams may not sell items from their pit or on the grounds of the Anaheim Convention Center.]( AppendixA-083011.pdf).)