Championships of America @ Nebraska

What teams will be over there? Any Hawaii Teams going to Nebraska???

254A is skipping out on (FIRST’s) Silicon Valley Regional to attend. Looking forward to seeing all the teams there.

We’ll be in Vancouver attending the end-of-the-Northwest-season twin VEX tournaments at BCIT.

Really, why did your team choose to skip out on your regional?!
2454 isn’t doing FIRST this year because of money issues. I hope to see a lot of tough teams there too. I hope we have a match with/against your team.

Though 2438A qualified for the championship due to our making the semifinals at Pan Pacific, we will not be in attendance. Our school doesn’t like to fund us unless we’re going to Worlds, which, fortunately, we are!

However, I am 99% sure that our alliance partner (and “cousin team”) 1336 from Kalaheo School will be competing with you guys. Have fun!

I should have clarified - only the three members of 254A are skipping SVR (which we would otherwise attend) to attend CoA.

Do any experienced teams have any tips for the big competition at Nebraska? I hear a lot about motors overheating and it messes with the robot’s base.

Make sure that you are always charging your extra batteries, and keep track of which batteries are good. It really sucks to lose in the elimination matches because of a half dead battery.

I would also suggest having a couple of extra motors easily accessible in case one of the motors on your robot dies.

Try this:

Anyone know the results of Championship of the Americas

Robot skills score

Programming skills score

Winning Alliance

Finalist Alliance