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I have spent the last few months diving deep into the functionality of the c programming language. I use notepad++ to write my code and easy c to compile my programs. Unfortunately there is some functionality that is not available to the version of the Easy C compiler. Does anyone know how to change the Easy C compiler to use a newer c standard?

What functionality are you trying to use?

Certain c99 features such as booleans, for loop initial declarations and most of all: flexible array members. I know I can find a workaround for all of these but I would really appreciate having them as built in functionality.

[quote] PROS is built using the GCC toolchain and standard C practices (ISO C99) to make the learning curve small. Structures, pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and function pointers are all available. Additionally, code is run directly on the microcontroller, allowing you to take full advantage of the microcontroller's power. [/quote]
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Where can I get PROS? How much does it cost?

Also, is it more advanced and harder than RobotC?

You can get PROS at Release 3.8.0: Road to PROS 4 · purduesigbots/pros · GitHub

PROS is completely free and open-source!

All code in PROS is written in pure C, which is definitely more complicated than RobotC. However, standard C is much easier to learn due to the large number of tutorials available online.
PROS also comes with an API that makes basic functions like reading encoder values and writing values to motors just as easy as in RobotC.

We are currently working on a new release of PROS, which will include in-depth tutorials on how to get started with programming in PROS.

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Thank you so much! I have been learning more and more c and was staying away from robotC because I knew it lacked some key c features. I will switch over to PROS tomorrow. Does the PROS API allow for easier storage to nonvolatile memory?