Change in competition layout

In the Vancouver Island competition on Feb 4 & 5, there were a number of changes to the way how qualifying and skills events were done. If you weren’t there, here are the changes they made for that event:

-No programming skills
-Drivers skills is mandatory and done on a schedule
-There are 2 trials, the second being watched by the judges. Then you talked to the judges about your design while the next team did their first trial.
-After qualifications, the top 16 teams were placed in Div A, and the other 15 were in Div B

In alliance selection:
-No team qualified for worlds are allowed to pick another qualified team, unless there is no other choice
-There are only 2 teams per alliance
-You cannot say no to someone selecting
-Must be in the same division.

So there were some pretty big changes that were being tried out here. What do you think of it?

I don’t like this rule change and I’m surprised it was allowed:

I mean, if the purpose of a VRC event was to pick as many teams as you could and send them to the national competition, maybe that would make sense, but I thought the events were supposed to be inspiring and fun on their own. Putting too much focus on Getting To Worlds instead of Competing With Robots takes away from the experience.

Anything that contradicted something in the published rules would seem pretty odd.

Anything that went beyond the published rules was hopefully announced in advance.


The reason why this competition rules were changed was beacuase AT VI this is their only competition, and the goal of the tournament was to jump start their vex community.

I know i’m not in the US, but i dont think this is fair.
You should be able to say no to someone selecting.

Butchering how vex works :frowning:

The modifications were proposed by the tournament organizer and agreed to by the adult sponsors of all teams attending the tournament.

P.S. Hecko… we’re not in the US, either.