Change Motor Ports in RMS Blockly

Hello! I’ve just killed two V5 motors with what I believe to be a bad port. I’ve moved the wire of the motor to a new port, but in code there’s no way to move a motor from one port to another. I want to be able to move the motor to a new port without having to go through my 710-line code and change each instance of that motor individually. Is there any way to do this is RMS Blockly? Thanks.

Not at the moment, no. If you won’t need to make many changes, you can copy the project to a Python project then edit the configuration there. (To copy a project and change its type, use the Options wheel at top right, click Copy Project, then choose Python from the project type drop down.) Once in the Python project, delete the motor on the old port, reload the page, then add the motor on the new port.

This should work in the short term if you don’t have too many more changes to make, need the port changed quickly, or prefer this process to changing every drop down with your motor in it. In the meantime, I’ll make sure that we have a better way to do this on our list of planned changes (as a way to do this more easily seems like a darn good idea).

Thank you very much for the response! I will need to make changes to the code, so copying to Python wouldn’t really do. However I ended up sucking it up and changing every instance of the motor to change the port. Everything works great now.

In theory, I could have copied the project into Python, reconfigured the ports, then copied it back into Blockly right? Just curious for the record (and future reference) (but hopefully not for long). Thankfully manually switching the drop downs took under ten minutes.

Thanks for adding this to the list of planned changes, I’m glad to see that you guys take your users into consideration!:smile:

Blockly to Python is a one-way conversion. Everything in Blockly maps to Python, but the reverse is not true as there’s a lot of Python stuff that does not have blocks.