change motor power level output

I am programing a robot in easyC, and am trying to change the amount of power that goes to the motors. I have created a program that lets me do this for tank drive but cannot figure out how to get that to work with arcade. If anyone has ideas that would be great. Thanks.

The way I did it for tank was get the reading from the joystick and store it as “x” then set the motor output level to “x/4”.

It works for tank drive, because you implemented your own tank drive.
Same for Arcade, you need to do your own impl.
See the code repository for example code that implements arcade drive motor outputs, based on XY joystick inputs;
It also includes power scaling and one-button=stop=zerocalibration function.
Here is the link:

Here is the text, Maybe it will get more comments here than in the code repository: