change RobotC mode

Hello everebody !

I download RobotC for Vex robotics and begin with but the last week I downloaded RobotC for lego mindstorm because I have the both technology.

The problem is now I can’t use RobotC for Vex… I try every option in it, redownload, delete and redownload, see in config file because the files of the both are present in the folder of RobotC but I haven’t success to find him…

If someone can help me !

Just for precision I try Help->Manage license but nothing done…

Maybe it’s because my free trial is expired? I would buy it today but I will not buy if I can’t access to it…

What does the license status show under the ‘Help -> Manage License’ menu in ROBOTC? If the trial mode has expired, you will need to purchase a license and activate it in order to continue using the VEX features of ROBOTC.

Also, which version of ROBOTC is being used? This information can be found under the ‘Help -> About ROBOTC’ menu option, in the bottom left corner of the popup window that appears. You may have installed two different version numbers of ROBOTC (3.X and 4.X), which will both contain different licensing information; check your Windows Start Menu and see if there are two different ROBOTC folders listed (ROBOTC and ROBOTC 4.x).

Thanks in advance for this information!