Change Time to Encoders

How much time is equal to one tick turn in an encoder, and how many ticks in a full circle for an encoder? I’m trying to re-program my autonomous, I have everything in time, but I want to change it to encoders, so it’s more reliable and we don’t have to change batteries after every match.

The amount of time it takes the robot to move one encoder tick is going to depend specifically on how fast the motor is rotating, which will depend on the power level being applied to the motor and the remaining battery life.The encoders, however, measure the amount that a motor has rotated regardless of how quickly the motors have moved.

To convert from time-based movement to encoder based movement, you will need to measure how far the robot currently travels with time-based movement/how far you want it to travel, then convert that into encoder counts. This can be done by finding the circumference of the wheel (diameter * pi), finding out how many encoder counts per revolution the selected encoder has (found on the VEX website), and determining the distance/encoder count. Once you have that, you can then convert the total distance per movement you want to travel into encoder counts and use that number in your program for a precise movement.

For more information on this conversion, check out this tutorial located in the ROBOTC wiki archive:

Using encoders to drive some distance:

Thank you so much!!