Change-Up Alliance Station dimensions

Can anyone tell me, or tell me where to find, the dimensions of the alliance stations OUTSIDE of the game floor? I see the lines on the floor assembly instructions, and which side they are on, but I can’t seem to find anything to tell me the exact specs - how far away from the game floor wall, how deep it should be, and so on.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but we’re still pretty new at this here. Thanks!


I have the same question. I am running a tournament this weekend and want it to be right.

The specifications for the field are given in appendix A:
“Quoting” appendix A with a screen snip:
we can see that no dimensions are provided (therefore telling us that the exact dimension are not regulated by the manual). Many events, for example, an outside event played on a grassy lawn, do not have alliance station markings on the ground, as the tape doesn’t stick well to grass, especially in the rain:
What we can tell from the appendix and it’s image is that the Alliance Stations are at the corners of the field, to help with social distancing, and extend roughly 2’ from each corner. The scoring referees (based on my experience) stand where the driver interface connection is, and generally need to remind drivers to stay near the corners for appropriate social distancing.


I sat down with the official printout of the game floor (the one posted above), and took a close look at the relative spacings, alignments, size of the game floor tiles, and so on, and decided that it looks like the edge of the colored tape that is nearest to the game floor perimeter is roughly six inches away, so that’s what I did. My tape lines that are parallel to the game floor sides are six inches back from the outer edge of the walls. As you look at this picture, the right edge of the blue tape that is in line with the white tape on the game floor is aligned with the left edge of the white tape, and that is mirrored with the red. The blue strip that is perpendicular to the white tape strip is placed so that the left edge of the blue tape (as you face the game floor) is aligned with the right edge of the connectors on the two floor tiles, again, mirrored on the red side.

This is probably a bit of overkill, but we hope to participate in some virtual competitions in the near future, and this will be our first time competing on a game floor that we set up ourselves, so we want to make sure that it’s right.

Thanks for everyone’s input!!