Change Up Assembly Tips

We took down the tower takeover field and assembled and installed the change up in about 3 hours.

2 people needed total.
Power screwdriver needed (NOT drill) with torx bit
Optional, precisely cut 6.13" PVC rod

Go ahead and unpack both boxes.

Sit down at a table.

Put screws/nuts in old TT cube cup between you.

One person installs 4 nuts and passes ring to person two.

Person two lightly installs 4 screws

Do all 36 rings.

Push 2 rods FIRMLY through base until they contact tabletop.

Tighten base.

Install ring #2, using spacers (or 6.13" rod) carefully.


Install/tighten other rings, spacing not as critical.

Insert 2 ‘short’ rods. Push through ring 4 till they contact ring 3, then twist and pull downward at the same time. They will work themselves right on through ring 3 and ring 2 with no problems.


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