Change Up Controller Commands

What function did you guys program for each button on your controller? My team is struggling to determine what each button is gonna do for our snail bot so we want to know what you guys are doing.

Well that depends on what kind of bot you have and also what kind of functions you have programmed. most teams try and put as much as they can on the bumpers (R&L 1&2) for easy access to the most used functions like in-taking or lifts. If your doing single stick control you can use the button set on the opposite side for other functions that are less used. Its really up to your driver’s preference I know that all the teams at my school used different layouts for relatively the same robot design. At the end of the day do whatever is comfortable.


As the programmer and not the driver I would ask the driver what would work well for them.


do what feels natural for you. if you want the arm control on r1/r2, put the arm control on r1/r2, etc.

It also can depend if you have 2 drivers. For the past two years I was in middle school all of the from our school were kind of forced to do 2 drivers for each robot. One driver would just drive the robot around (the chassis). And the other driver would use all of the functions of the robot saying in-taking, lifting the arms, lifting the tray. But mostly it all depends on what the drivers/drivers feel fit best for them. Also don’t be afraid to try multiple different combinations to see what you like and don’t like.


One thing I think a lot of people tend to overlook when mapping out their controls is that putting your lift on a joystick is actually a super intuitive way to control it. My team has always used single joystick arcade for the drivetrain, and for our first robot of last season (DR4B bot) I had the left joystick on drive and right joystick on the DR4B. It might not work for everyone but I found it to be pretty intuitive and having that extra speed control that comes with an analog control rather than digital control ended up being reasonably useful for last season.


Did this in ITZ as well, but I’ve grown to prefer dual joystick arcade for the drive. To summarize this thread, it really just depends on the game you’re playing and what you’re good at.

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