Change Up Field CAD Request

For the VAIC competition, my team is planning on fully simulating the robot in Gazebo’s simulation software with ROS integrated. This is a huge undertaking, and to do this accurately I need a change up field and game elements with real-world textures to make the simulation as accurate as possible (specifically for vision tracking).

I know for a fact that many people in VEX are proficient in CAD, however I and my team mates are not. I am asking for anyone who thinks they are up for the job.

DM me for details if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to prove I’m not bsing yall:


is this post a joke

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Emphasis mine:


If you are interested, we have a docker container + tutorial for setting the field up within gazebo.

Our team is planning on utilizing gazebo for remote software instruction during quarantine.

We do not have the game element meshes set up yet.

we already have gazebo working just fine although docker containers are EXTREMELY helpful for stuff like this because it is a complicated software.

Side Note:
It would be really cool to share code / ideas for setting things up in gazebo (are you using ROS?). We currently have a super simple base that is meant for getting omni wheels being omni directional.

Regardless of what the download is, please do not post an unlabeled link that starts a download without confirmation or the option to cancel.

@Potatehoes914M for the simulation, you should check out this thread:


Slightly off topic, but you should always carefully check link targets before clicking them, especially when the link is part of user-posted content on a site like this forum or when you do not have 100% trust in the website in question.

Though, yes, I agree the link should have been accurately labeled.


image Does this not show up for you?

No when I click the linked text it just starts the download immediately.