Change Up Goal E tolerances

I noticed some teams are able to score 3 balls at the bottom of Goal E by first forcefully shoving a second ball between the two lower rings. However:

Rule G19 says: ‘The bottom opening of Goals between the lowest two rings has a dimensional tolerance of -0.0 / +0.5”’

Appendix A (field specs) says:

Ball diameter 6.3 +/- 0.1
Center goal distance between bottom rings: 6.5 +0.5/-0

By the above, maximum ball diameter is 6.4" and minimal gap between the 2 bottom rings of Goal E is 6.5" (don’t forget that -0", can make it wider, but not narrower). So there is a 0.1" gap between ball and rings openings that should let the ball go in and out freely and not allow it to be jammed in.



if a ball is able to be pinned between the rings of the center goal and touch both the top and bottom rings, than that goal is outside tolerance. Teams should be calling out their opponents if they notice this, as it gives an extremely unfair advantage since it allows far easier middle goal cramming.


I find it ironic that at the beginning of the year teams where complaining about goal locking and negative tolerances and now everyone is doing just that. Welcome to vex worlds.