Change Up Lift vs “Snail / C” shape

Which of the two designs do you think is the more competitive?

My Opinion:

While both designs have there benefits I think the lift design will be more competitive. Because of the way carrying capacity is this year where you are allowed to hold 3 of the opposition’s balls and unlimited of your own, I think that the ability to remove 6 of the opposition’s game elements through the entirety of the match is huge. The biggest flaw with the lift design is that it is more vulnerable to being pushed and missing its placement of game elements in the towers. However I feel that with a passive descore, it would be fast enough to roll up to a tower and score.

While the Snail/ C shape design is better at scoring/ de scoring rapidly, I think that it’s inability to “store” game elements away will cause drivers to have to play significantly more careful, and have less room for error. Another disadvantage with the snail/ c shape design is that it would struggle to score in the center tower.

Thanks for reading and feel free to debate below

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So I’m an idiot… that’s nothing new

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If you don’t like what’s in that thread, continue with a new perspective, don’t start a brand new thread.

A well-designed snail should be able to score in the center just as accurately as a tray. I think the biggest issue with the tray design is that it is first-in-last-out. This makes it impossible to cycle goals efficiently: for instance, if a goal was R-B-R top to bottom, a snail could get blue on top in one action, while a tray would need multiple movements. Since game elements won’t be as abundant this year as they were in TT (few elements will be on the field at most times), cycling goals will be the best way to play the game imo.


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