Change-up liftbot? any ideas?

Don’t think its wise to count out lift bots when no decent lift bots have been put out. I’ve seen a couple teams with lift bots, and let me tell you there are some really interesting designs coming out soon.

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bad is subjective

lift bad
if u use lift fine lol but don’t expect to beat a snail with the same amount of work put into it

I’m just letting you know that I feel you are misleading teams (likely the op as well) into thinking that a lift is a bad design for everyone, regardless of their experience. It depends on your circumstances. A lift is not always a bad design. It’s probably less often the right design, however. I think you are missing this point. I am not arguing that lifts are better, but that they are not always bad. If you don’t have a problem giving ignorant blanket statements to new teams seeking advice (whom are likely not ready to engage in a competitive hood design) then that is your decision I suppose, but is not complying with the intent of the vex forums.

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i’ll be banned before I say “lift g**d”


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So let me ask; for my sister team who only built a claw bot last year, you are going to tell them a lift is NOT a good next step? And that they should instead pursue a design way above their head? I told them a lift is a good design for them to pursue, that is relatively simple and more competitive than a claw bit. Should I instead encourage them to build something that will likely result in failure?

Not to be that guy… but I think you put this in the wrong category… considering this category was meant for Nothing But Net…

they can pursue whatever they want. doesn’t mean it will or will not be bad

Within this season, lifts are good but it’s better to avoid them. Robots that don’t have a lift (Generally what we call “snailbots”) have less bulkiness, more torque, more control, and more speed from the ground into the goals.

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tell them lift is a good next step. It is. that doesn’t mean it’s any less bad

So lift is not good compared to a claw bot?

silly guy

good or bad is only relative to what is best

Sorry you posted before I could post my question. That’s as fair a stance as I could expect rn

A lift is a perfect next step for someone who only started out building a clawbot last year. In terms of actual efficiency, a lift could struggle, but it is a learning process, so they should build what they feel they’re capable of building, and should really just enjoy it.

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for newer teams, I would argue lift is a better choice than hood, because a lift is easier to get working competitively than a hood is. especially if you are a newer team in a not very competitive region, or at an early season tournament, where had you were to have tried a hood, the difficulty of it may have left you with just another jankbot instead of a competitively able lift.

my argument is too stronk for that

I would also suggest a 4-bar, backwards or forwards doesn’t really matter. It reaches what it needs to, it’s light, and very simple to make.

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