Change Up Possession Rules?

Ok, maybe the first game question post of the season! So, what are the rules on how many balls can be carried at once in the game Change Up (2020-2021)? I can’t find any rules on it in the official game manual.

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The game manual said u can only hold up to 3 of the opposing alliance balls. So I don’t think there is a limit on ur own color but I’m not sure.


The official game manual states that you may only possess 3 of the opposing alliance game objects. There is no limit on possession of your own alliance color objects.


First of all, Change Up -- Please read the rules before posting questions!, and second of all, this question has been asked many times including this topic right here Change Up Possession Limit. Please consider using the searchbar or game manual next time.


I looked it up a couple times and never found anything. That’s why I asked here. I didn’t even have an account until now, it wasn’t my go to.

Remember, as you read the manual, the manual tells you what is required that you do, and what you are prohibited from doing. It does not tell you all the things you might do. So before you ask a question on the forum like: “am I allowed to use seven wheels on my robot,” ask yourself “does the manual say I can’t have 7 wheels?” If not, then it’s legal!


Understandable, but we get many people asking the same question multiple times on the forum and it gets kinda annoying. Just please use the search bar before posting next time.