Change Up reveals

Who has a 24-hour build done? or just a design? or just a regular robot.

There’s already many posts with people revealing their robots/CADs

Please use the search bar next time.


look on youtube and here.

I think he is just wanting to know what everyone’s status is regarding early season designing and building, not for specific reveal shots or pictures

I have my ideas. Nothing built. I am trying to CAD a design, but seeing as I have never really built anything, it is going really slow. Happy Cake Day btw.

Trying my darndest to cad a color sorter but the balls are simply ginormous and keep getting in the way of everything else

Team SNDIT vex u

This topic is kinda dead. Don’t revive dead topics.


So instead you should make a new topic of the same premise? Even though several times, several people have said not to make a topic with the same purpose of another one? I feel like it’s okay to revive this topic as it still can be very meaningful to a lot of people.

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They had already made a topic about their reveal.


The point of this topic was to see if anyone had done a ri24h right after the game reveal. Posting new reveals here is not the point of the topic. It would probably be good to make a topic which is just a collection of all reveals so far


Ok that makes more sense. Thanks!

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Oh my bad :joy:
I just saw the title so…